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Using stained glass for window coverings

stained glass dividerYou work hard for your employer or your own business, to earn your living and the one of your family, to increase your financial security and your assets. Your home is at the heart of your financial progress and your well-being. This is where you start your projects, where your children grow up and where the parties come alive. This is where you set the comfort and security level that suits you. This is the way your house became your home. Over the years, the idea came to you to thank it for its dedicated service. You renovate, put new structural elements and rejuvenate your decor. You want a home that reflects your success and that is the result of your patient work.

Long lasting option to curtains and blinds

Made of lasting and quality materials: glass, copper, tin, silver, zinc and wood. Backed by a great artistic content and fruit of a high number of working hours, stained glass ornament is now part of your essential adornment to enhance the windows in your home. It does not lose its color nor subjected to deformation due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture. Maintenance is as simple as washing a window. It fits with flexibly to the needs of both natural lighting and the needs of privacy through a choice of different glass types in the creation of the stained glass window by the artisan.

And you can forget the fear of your house's appearance looks like a church ! Stained glass modern designs and manufacturing techniques used today give a clear, light and luminous result even if the window is located near the eyes as it is often the case in homes. To discover the possibilities of using stained glass for window treatments in your home and perhaps to convince you to start your own project, Atelier Rodrigue gathered for you a collection of resources on this website and from internet.

Resources for inspiration

Among the resources available, the website is certainly one of the best references. It presents photos of stained glass windows in their context of the interior decor. There is a slideshow viewable using the arrows on the right. The website Pinterest is also a rich and colored source of stained glass windows photos. Finally, there are many photos of stained glass windows on Flickr website which several of them relate more to church windows than home ones.

The basic rule to use stained glass for window treatments is the same as when using accessories in a interior decor. It consists of using a stained glass window with a light pattern with a refined and contemporary decor and a very detailed stained glass pattern with a high density of parts in a rich and sumptuous decor. It is also important to observe the functional roles of windows: daylighting, views and monitoring, ventilation and evacuation in case of emergency. The use of stained glass panels mounted in shutters in front of an existing window is both practical and stylish. You can enjoy all the natural lighting and the outside view while showing your beautiful stained glass window to people outside in the evening.

Many possibilities where to use stained glass in the home

Stained glass can be used in almost any situation, no matter if your have a basic windowing or an impressive and large windowing. Plan your next home improvement project based on the addition of stained glass windows at the stage of plans preparation with your architect, your interior designer or your contractor. Finally, consider these more specific applications:

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