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A LED light bulb designed for warm lighting

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Light bulbs have evolved considerably over the past few years. Incandescent bulbs have left room for compact fluorescents. The latter were followed by the LED bulbs. The halogen bulb in the same shape as the ordinary medium-base bulb is also available. It should be noted that since 2014 there have been sales restrictions in Canada on incandescent bulbs with the exception of specialty products, decorative bulbs or oven bulbs for example.

The LED bulbs stand out from the others: they have the best energy efficiency, they are more affordable to buy over time, they have a long lifespan, they turn on instantly and they make no noise. Recently, the variable-intensity (dimmable) LED bulb appeared. A compatible dimmer must be use with the latter. The results are quite satisfactory. The presence of slight fluctuations when some devices are switched on in the house is the most noticeable irritant. There are light bulb/dimmer combinations that work better than others. Reputable manufacturers publish compatibility lists to help the consumer.

With regards to the comfort, a touch of sensitivity was lacking so far. The light is white and remains of a hospital whiteness even at reduced intensity.

Varying the color of light

Philips Dimmable Warm Glow LED Bulb
Philips Dimmable LED light bulb
Serge Rodrigue -

Philips manufacturer has developed an innovative dimmable light bulb for a warmer lighting. Not only does the intensity of the light vary with the positioning of the dimmer, but its color also does. At full intensity the color is at its whitest for a strickly functional use. At a lower intensity, warm white tones dominate, bringing a softness to the eyes and an enveloping and cozy light. From a technical point of view, the colour of the light covers a range of 2700 °K to 2200 °K.

The product has been tested. A stained glass lamp from the Maïka Series was used, the 18-inch model having three light bulbs. The installed dimmer is the Leviton-SureSlide 6674, a nice Decora® model compatible with all types of bulbs. The Noma brand Soft White LED bulb of the same power and a similar color of 3000 °K was chosen for comparison. This is an excellent choice, the bulb responds very well to the adjustments of the dimmer.

Here are some pictures of the results:

At full dimmer intensity, the two images on the top row show only a minor difference between the two light bulbs. At reduced intensity, the Philips bulb's warm-tone lighting (bottom-right) stands out from the grey colour of the standard bulb.
Dimmable LED light bulbs comparison
Luc Morin

The product from Philips is the following: Philips - LED Light Bulb, 9.5W (60W Equivalent) A19, Dimmable Warm Glow. It is available in some hardware stores in Canada under the number 455832 and other numbers depending on the package. You will also find it in "Frustration Free" packaging at under the number 455931.

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