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Stained glass brings the lighting ambiance and elegance in any decor. Each project is custom designed and crafted by hand with durable materials. You'll see on this website the potential for using stained glass and the know-how of the workshop. Discover the presentation about the artisans who built the stained glass heritage of Quebec. Finally, on the blog, you'll find out various articles. Enjoy !

Some suggested uses for stained glass

Stained glass for window coverings

Using stained glass as a dressing for windows is an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds. A judicious choice of the glass type at the creation of the stained glass project can keep intimacy and provide a sufficient amount of natural lighting in a room. Mounting stained glass windows in shutters or rails keeps the security and ventilation functions of a window.

Memorial windows

Offering a stained glass work to celebrate a birthday, a milestone of life or a jubilee, to commemorate an event or to honor a personality is a gift worthy of a lasting memory. An ensemble of stained glass windows in a public area is welcoming. Respect of the premises is facilitated. We'd stay there for a long time. Keep an eye out, you'll see stained glass windows in train station, in hotels and restaurants, in a public market or a library.

The lamp

Our winters are long, so the days are short and colors, almost absent, go from gray to white from November to April. In those moments where artificial lighting is on up to eight hours a day, it is really nice to be enveloped in an atmosphere of color and light offered by a Tiffany style lamp. Timeless Tiffany lamp fits well within any decor.

The lantern

The lantern is an economical choice compared to the Tiffany lamp to offer a beautiful lighting made of stained glass. It usually has fewer glass pieces than the lamp while having a glass surface which completely covers the light source. The lantern is less suitable for lighting service, e.g. for reading, but it is perfect for mood lighting. Its compact shape and light weight allows it to be place almost anywhere you want.
Brighten your living world,
choose Rodrigue Couleurs et Lumière Studio's stained glass.
Thanks to a good design, stained glass windows fit perfectly in the decor of all buildings.
By carefully selecting the glass textures, one can get a nice deepen effect.
The stained glass is durable. It will not discolor and is not subject to deformation due to prolonged exposure to sunlight or moisture.
Transom stained glass windows are rather welcoming,
a corridor goes well beyond its utility function.
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The Windows of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Koekelberg
September 2018
Koekelberg Basilica
Since 1937, some 20 master glaziers and illustrators mainly from Belgium have helped to establish a large and diversified stained glass windows collection.
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