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Louis Comfort Tiffany


Leaded glass
Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1905
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
Montréal, Quebec, Canada
Angel, Tiffany Studios, MMFA, Montreal

He was the son of the rich Charles Lewis Tiffany, goldsmith and jeweler, whose name Tiffany & Co still exists today as jewelery company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Of his youth age traveling, his business sense, his genius to develop exceptional opalescent glass and new manufacturing techniques, Tiffany enjoyed at its apogee an international reputation in the decorative arts receiving orders from all over the world. He sank into oblivion after his death, workshops and glass factories were closed. The years passed. Rare and unique items are sought by collectors. The name Tiffany son is in rehab.

Tiffany stained glass windows stand out for almost obsessive use of opalescent glass to replace the grisaille for shading, giving the glass a depth of color that retains the eye of the beholder. The smallest imperfections in the glass are exploited advantageously. He even layered many glass sheets in his works to accentuate the sense of depth. These glasses were developed in its plants under the name Favrile Glass and Drapery Glass for which patents were registered.

While most of Tiffany Studios productions can be found in United States, there is in Montreal an imposing stained glass windows set ordered in 1896 by the American Presbyterian Church. The set is so beautiful and precious that the Museum of Fine Arts of Montreal acquired the Erksine and American church, its neighbor, classified historic monument, where the windows are installed to ensure their preservation. The museum presented the exhibition "Le verre selon Tiffany" in the spring 2010 where a large collection of stained glass windows, vases, lamps and other glass objects was highlighted. Today, the restored church became the Claire and Marc Bourgie pavilion where windows proudly shine into the nave transformed into a concert hall.

Inside the apartment's workshop of Louis Comfort Tiffany on 72nd Street in New York. The company Tiffany Studios was located on 4th Avenue at 25th Street.
Apartment's studio of Louis C. Tiffany
The Art Work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1914
Louis C. Tiffany began his career as a painting artist. The Peacock was executed in 1903.
Louis C. Tiffany, The Peacock
The Art Work of Louis Comfort Tiffany, 1914
Advertisement from Town & Country magazine
Advertisement of Tiffany Studios
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