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  • Stained glass lantern «Florale»
  • During the assembly of a Tiffany lamp
  • Tiffany style lamps set
  • Poppies stained glass transom
  • Hummingbird transom
  • «Florale» transom
  • Stained glass window «Bon temps à l'étang»
  • Oval Tiffany lamp model
  • Details of a deer
  • Classic cabinet doors stained glass panels
  • Medieval pattern night light
  • Some repairs and borders addition on this panel
  • Hanging stained glass panel «Yin & Yang»
  • Blue Angel small panel
Stained glass transoms set

With more than 150 years old, this house around the Lake Massawippi in the Eastern Townships has a unique architecture and a charm impossible to recreate today. Its high ceilings give off sufficient space to introduce a transom window above the doors of the rooms. These three openings were left empty by the previous owners, and topped with elegant stained glass with vivid colors on a light blue background. Each panel has a dimension of 74 cm x 24 cm and count an average of 124 pieces to present an easy to visualize pattern.

These luminous stained glass windows give a strong contrast on the neutral tone walls. They oblige the occupants of this residence to raise up the eyes at the crossing. Suddenly, a corridor can has more than a simple utility function.

Atelier Rodrigue, Stained Glass Studio
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