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  • «La vie au marais» Serie stained glass panels
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«La vie au marais» Serie stained glass

According to the standard, to provide adequate supply of natural light, it is recommended that the unobstructed area of glass in a window be at least five per cent of the floor area of each room or combination of rooms (1). In real life, the bathroom rarely has enough lighting because of the presence of an opaque curtain, canvas or awning to protect the privacy of the occupants. The result: usage of artificial lighting is required even in daylight.

The owners of this home have made a major expansion of a bathroom. They doubled the area of the latter encroaching on the staircase leading to the second floor. Instead of enlarging the current window too small to provide adequate daylight, they opted for the opening of a new window, of a high form, at the foot of the bath. A beautiful stained glass pattern of a Grand Heron in the marsh at the foot of Mont Orford was created. A combination of opaque and transparent rough glass ensures the privacy of the room while letting a good amount of light to go in. The window is 53 cm x 165 cm and contains 624 pieces of glass. Such a density makes the stained glass wonderful even located close to the eyes. A narrow wooden frame in espresso color fits perfectly with the accessories of the bathroom.

Handmade by the artisan, lead-free assembled, this stained glass window enhances the decor of that bathroom and adds a touch of color on a voluntarily neutral background for the occasion.

(1) Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, About your house, General Series

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